Ghost Fighting Treasure Hunters is a hit

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I was wandering through @target the other day and found a hidden clearance copy of #ghostfightintreasurehunters. After hearing @ericsummerer mention it on a recent episode of @thedicetower, I decide to give it a go with the kids.

It’s a coop game where players work to pick up gems throughout a mansion, rolling dice to determine moves as well as adding more ghosts to the house. Players have to work to keep the number of ghosts in rooms under 3. If there are ever 3 ghosts in a room a red haunter replaces them. If all 6 hunters hit the board the team loses.

It’s a really easy mechanic for kids to grok while being challenging. We lost our first game. The artwork is really great and the ghosts have a fun toy feel. It plays fast. We ganged it with a session of clue for a fun #familygameday.

I give it a decent 5 out of 10. #bgg #boardgamegeek #boardgames road more over at (at Tokes)

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On March 13, 2017
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